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Due April 26th, 2013

Homecoming! February 21, 2014

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We spent one night in the hospital and were ready to go home the next day. However we had to wait for Kaia to pee (as she hadn’t in the first 24 hours) but once she did we were cleared to leave. Jack had practiced with the car seat but there was no comparison strapping in that little one for the first time.  Image

And driving back over the hill (in rush hour) was stressful! Poor Jack had to really focus with the distraction of the precious bundle in the back seat.  When we (finally) got home we were greeted with “welcome home” balloons and 2 curious “Kids” (Dex and Portia).


I think they thought all was normal until Kaia made a peep.  After lots of growling, we decided that it would be best to spend the first night in the guest room, where we could keep the “kids” out.  But the guest room bed is so high that every time Kaia woke Jack had to get up and hand Kaia to me.  And the “kids” just keep scratching at the door. It was a long night, but by morning, I think everyone was getting used to being home!



UCLA – Kaia is Born! February 19, 2014

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When I went into labor at 3 am on my due date, April 27, 2013, I was ready! After all, Jack and I had taken the 16 hour weekend intensive natural birthing class, and my pre-natal care with the nurse midwives at UCLA had me feeling prepared! The 12 hours laboring at home were comfortable.  I ate lots of popsicle sticks and Jack and I walked around the neighborhood a few times; we even stopped at a garage sale and contemplated buying a set of horseshoes… he he. When things started to get intense we packed up the car and headed over “the hill”(the 405 from the valley to UCLA, although only 12 miles, can take over an hour in traffic). At the emergency room admission I was adamant that I wanted to walk up to the OB ward on my own and not be assisted with a wheelchair.  They must have asked me 5 times, but I refused and made my slow way upstairs. Upon admission I was a little disappointed I had not progressed past 5cm dilated, but I figured once I settled in, things would move quick.  Boy was I wrong! It took all night…literally.  But the labor room was vey comfortable and while I pained away, Jack made it  nice and cozy.  We had a cool mist humidifier blowing lavender into the room and a portable speaker played soothing music. The nurses kept coming in saying “OH…its SO nice in here”…I thought “ya right!”. Anyways… around 3 am they decided it was finally time and they broke my water bag.  At that point I thought “ok- NOW this is almost over”! Another “Boy was I wrong”! It was 4 hours of pushing at every two or three minute contractions.  The first hour I spent just trying to keep my stomach settled.  Jack was a trooper the whole time; He was holding puke bags and helping support me sitting up the entire time.  By dawn I was exhausted and could not even hold myself up; there seemed to be no end.  I remember someone asked the time and just as Jack blurted it out I yelled “DONT TELL ME THE TIME!”.  I didn’t want to know how long I had been there! Finally, when I felt like I would never leave that bed with our child the midwives (There were two there now because of the shift change, and we got our original nurse back that checked us in the day before) called in the recruits and the OB-GYN came into asses.  At this point they began to give us our options; threatening vacuum suction or even c-section.  In my mind I thought “No way have I gone through the last 24 hours to be at this point”  The OB said “your so close, lets just labor through a little more” and that was all I needed.  With the OB elbows deep- two midwives – one awesome baby nurse and one supper supportive husband Kaia came into this world  8:43 am Sunday April 28 weighing 8 lbs 11oz! And that is her birth story!Image

We transferred to recovery shortly after…Image

Tita Tina came to visit us! And the next day Tita Tina and Tito Roberto!Image

We were in LOVE!Image


Time Flies – Lets Recap!!!

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I am sitting here (nine months in…) and wondering where the time has gone! Everyone tells you at the beginning that this parenting journey goes by so fast, and while you are in it, you don’t realize that yes… time is in fact… flying by.  So, lets recap the last nine months: Then and Now…Image



May 10, 2013

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Kaia only minutes old....she's so beautiful.

Kaia only minutes old….she’s so beautiful.

Daddy time!

Daddy time!


First Post! November 16, 2012

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Hi World – we are testing this out…….Meet our Children – Portia & Dexter!  Little do they know, that in 5 short months, they will have a baby brother or sister!  Get ready kids….=)